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Get Ready For Your New Life at University!

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So a new chapter is about to begin. You have recently graduated and are about to head off to university overseas. For most of you, this will be the first time you will be living alone, away from home, so there are many things to arrange. Here is a checklist to get you started:


Before you go


  1. First of all, once you have been accepted by your university of choice and you have confirmed your place, you will have to book a flight. Consider whether you prefer a one-way ticket or a return flight, so you will already have a trip home to look forward to.

  2. Arrange your transportation from the airport to the university.

  3. Arrange the necessary visas, both for your new country and for when you come back to visit your parents.

  4. Arrange for housing if it is not provided by the university. Find out which furniture and equipment will be provided.

  5. Decide what to take and what you will buy when you get there. Think about the weather and which clothing you need. What about kitchen items? Bed linen? Medicine? Electronics? Sports gear? Study materials?

  6. Decide if it can all be taken in suitcases, or will you need to ship some of your things?

  7. Check and register for university introduction days.

  8. Check out if there are subsidies or other financial support that you would be eligible for.

  9. Arrange a suitable health insurance and other insurances if needed. Sometimes this is easier to arrange once you are there, but make sure your current insurance covers you for the transition period.

  10. Sort out you finances. Think about your budget.  How much do you think you will need? How much will you be able to get from your parents, or through a loan? Do you plan to work to supplement your income? Many universities will list typical costs for students on their websites.

  11. Connect with other students who will be starting at your university. Join the university’s social media pages.

  12. Collect all important documents such as passport, insurance cards, birth certificate, driver’s licence if you have one.

  13. If you don’t already know how to cook, learn to cook a few of your favourite dishes.


Once you arrive


  1. You may need to register with the municipality.

  2. Open a bank account.

  3. Purchase a local mobile phone and data package.

  4. Locate a local GP and dentist. Before you head off you may want to have a health and dental check up as it may take some time to find your way around the medical system in your new country.

  5. Think about how you will move around, will you need a bicycle or other transport?

  6. Spare some thought to safety, can your doors and window lock? Who has your keys?

  7. Check if your enrolment is complete and if there are any books or other materials you need to buy.

  8. Most of all, enjoy your new life.


KIS wishes all students who are or have just headed off to university overseas, all the best of luck! Don’t forget to subscribe to your old school’s alumni group!


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