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Highlighting one of KIS's Young Environmentalists: Pim

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KIS would like to take a moment to highlight one of our students in Primary School who has taken initiative with some pretty impressive projects. 


My name is Pim, and I am in Grade at KIS International School. I would like to share some of my initiative projects to help animals and to save the environment.


Last year in October, I had a chance to help one Thai Elephant who was seriously sick. She needed to be moved from Krabi to  an elephant hospital in Lampang. Her name was Kam Sai, but because she was 53 years old, we called her Pa Kam Sai. To make the trip, she needed to stand in the elephant ambulance for 33 hours. My mom and I also sent her some medicines via a public bus. Unfortunately, she was not able to recover, and she died a few days after arriving at the hospital. I was able to watch the transportation processes via video and was very sad that the elephant ambulance had no roof and no equipment to help her during the transportation. I thought I should do something to make the process better so that the sick elephants will arrive the hospital in better condition, and thus increase their chance of survival. I asked my Mom to send a message to Save Thai Elephant Line group to convince members in that group to ask their kids to draw his/her own style of an elephant and send to my mom. Then, we put all the children’s elephant designs on a t-shirt. My goal is to sell the t-shirts and raise enough money to improve equipment in the elephant ambulance. The budget is about 600,000 Baht.


Currently we have already sold 1,700+ T-Shirts and transferred 490,000 Baht to Thai Elephant Conservation Center.


We have already installed several equipment (some are in progress) in the ambulance as shown below:


  •  Radio transmission system – completed
  •  Crane to lift the elephant – in progress
  •  Steel beam to help lift the elephant – in progress
  •  Remove rust (as result from waste of elephant) from the wheels


Work to do next:

  •  GPS system as required by the new transportation law
  •  Ambulance roof


During the same period last year, I had a school break. I told my mom that I would like to write a story about Marium, the Dugong because I didn’t want people to forget about Marium and why she died. If written in a book, the parents can read it to their kids and the story of Marium would be remembered and told again and again. I hoped to sell the book and send all the money to organizations who support the ocean environment. I worked on this project with one of my friends. I wrote the story and he drew the pictures. Finally, my book was ready to sell in November 2019. So far, we’ve raised 149,000 Baht from selling the book and transferred the money to help and maintain the ocean environment.


On February, 24-27, 2020, I was invited to speak in front of 2,000 people in Krabi at the KodPaKodTaLay (Hug Forest Hug Talay) event as a young environmentalist. I shared my experience and inspiration to save the environment, and why I chose to write this book at the age of 8 years old.


I am very proud to share this with the school and friends. If anyone is interested to help Thai Elephants and Save the Thai Ocean Environment, please feel free to buy my elephant T-Shirt and/or Marium book at Grade 3B or send me a message to my Facebook page: Littlebigthinkersth


See some activities of my projects here.



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