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KIS Student Awarded Scholarship to The University of British Columbia

Abhi, Grade 12

It's a busy time of year for our Grade 12 students, and they are receiving offers from all across the globe. All of their hard work throughout the Diploma Program is coming to fruition, and we are so proud of their efforts and achievements. 


Abhi in Grade 12 was recently accepted to his first choice, The University of British Columbia, with an $80,000 scholarship! This is a great achievement, and here is Abhi with this wonderful story:


“Wow! That made my day, proud of you son.” That was my father’s reaction to my scholarship and acceptance letter to the University of British Columbia. Three weeks ago I got an acceptance letter from my first choice university in Canada, UBC but that was not as exciting compared to what happened later. I woke up last Friday morning, opened my inbox and found an International Major Entrance Scholarship letter from UBC. Finding out that I get to save 50% from my total tuition fees for all four years at university made my day.  


Reflecting back on it now, it wasn’t the scholarship letter that made my day but actually it was my father’s reaction that made my day. My father is trying his best to save up for my higher education and send me somewhere I really want to go. I’m very grateful for that and to help him in the process brought me great joy and satisfaction. My parents felt proud of my efforts and I feel like I have taken a huge load off their shoulders.


Lastly, some advice to all students that will be applying to university: It is okay if you are not the smartest in your class, It is okay if you’re not the best athlete in school, don’t worry about it. If you want an offer and scholarship from any university, especially UBC, then the best advice I can give would be to write about what you love the most. Initially, I answered every question based on the fact that I want to be an actor. I was worried because I thought it wasn’t enough, but then I realized that if acting is what I love then I will write about it with passion. Write about your passions because this is what will make you stand out. Work hard, do your best, give it your all, and have fun with your university applications! It’s those rare chances you get to just write about yourself, so make the most out of it and sometimes you might even get some money out of it."



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