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A Random Day at KIS

A glimpse of a day at KIS. Experience first-hand the feeling of community, get an insider look at the campus, and meet some of our inspiring individuals!

15 November 2018 |

The AR Sandbox

Following the lead of the University of California Davis, KIS introduced a new interactive way to learn about earth science concepts and topography through an augmented reality sandbox. It's a hands on, interactive way for the students learn.

08 June 2018 |

The G5 Exhibition

At the end of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, Grade 5 students do an extended inquiry into a real world issue. This inquiry is called the Exhibition. The Unit of Inquiry is Sharing The Planet. KIS's Grade 5 students inquired into the rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and with other living things; communities and the relationships within and between them; access to equal opportunities; peace and conflict resolution.

08 June 2018 |

Arabian Nights

The Drama Club put on a spectacular performance of Arabian Nights filled with magic, suspense and action! Well done to the entire crew. It was truly an amazing performance.

26 April 2018 |

PE in the PYP

Mr. Ben made this wonderful video of how he teaches PE in the PYP. Grades 3-5 have been inquiring how they can run, jump and throw more efficiently. The central idea behind the unit being 'We have choices in planning how we can improve upon our techniques in Athletics'. The KIS students showed fantastic collaboration and inquiry skills for this unit and were great coaches! Their input here helped their teammates throw the basketballs (mini shot putt) further with better technique!

10 April 2018 |

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) at KIS

The PYP at KIS takes place in a warm, caring and safe environment. The students feel free to become inquirers, ask questions and explore the world around them. The programme encourages children to explore themselves as well as the world around them. This programme is available to students aged 3-12, and is a great way to prepare students for the Middle Years Programme (MYP).

31 January 2018 |

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) at KIS

The MYP at KIS aims to have students make applicable connections between what is happening in the real world and what they are studying in class. There are eight subject groups that the students study. This provides all students with a broad range of classes, which creates a very balanced education leading to the IB Diploma Programme.

31 January 2018 |

The Diploma Programme (DP) at KIS

The Diploma Programme at KIS develops students who have excellent depth of knowledge across many different subjects. Our students are not only emotionally and physically strong, they also flourish intellectually and ethically. In 2016, the graduating class of KIS received over $1,300,000 in scholarships between a strong cohort of 32 graduates. They were excepted to prestigious universities across the globe and performed well above the global average. We wish them all even more success in university and beyond.

31 January 2018 |

Native Tongue Languages at KIS

At KIS we are currently teaching 10 different languages, and our students come from 49 different nations! Being open-minded and great communicators is a big part of the IB, and we fully embrace those and all aspects of the learner profile. In this video, KIS students welcome everyone to KIS in their native tongues. Our community is warm and welcoming, and this video is a true testament to the open-minded culture which can be found on our campus. Stop by for a visit to learn more!

05 June 2017 |

Grade 10 Persuasive Arguments

Building confidence is a big part of education. As an IB World School, we follow the Learner Profile at KIS International School, Bangkok. One attribute of the Learner Profile is being a risk-taker. This helps students to work outside of their comfort zone to discover new things, find new answers and be able to think outside of the box. KIS promotes action and exhibition from the Early Years all the way up to Grade 12. This helps students to use the knowledge that they've gained in a productive way. Instead of keeping what they know inside, they are encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas with others. Through repetition, making speeches in front of groups large and small, gets easier and easier with time. This was Grade 10's project on making persuasive arguments, and this was the first time they got up to present their ideas. Well done to all of them!

27 March 2017 |


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